The Gallery : Colour

Can you imagine only ever seeing the world in black and white?  Or not at all?  No, me neither.  And Tara's Gallery theme of colour really got me thinking this week.  I could have chosen a picture from my slightly obsessive collection of rainbows or something representative of a single bold shade until I saw the subject for my image right there in front of me whilst cooking tea.

I have no idea why cooking and baking has just fallen into place with me after so many years.  It's probably another part of theory of living life backwards falling into place.  But I've also realised that when attempting something new (as well as getting the family to try something new) it's all about the visual as well as the textural and the sensual.  And this is why this cried out to me this week.

chopped onions and peppers, colour

Do NOT critique the cutting technique. My chopping is shocking (there's a blog post title in there somewhere) and no matter how many times Jamie or Gordon demonstrate their chef-style knife techniques, I still cannot do the knuckle slide.  I've just about mastered cutting an onion fine enough and that is an achievement in itself!