A sneak preview of presents for the grandchildren...

Have you seen this dolls house that I've got my hands on for the girls for Christmas?  How cute is this?  It's from a company called Dolls Houses.  This dolls house is wooden (I love traditional toys) and is really sturdy.  It also comes with all the furniture you can see and one Princess doll (note to self: buy another Princess doll to save any arguments between grandchildren).  If you click on the image below you can see this dolls house on the website and at the time of publishing, it was retailing at £35.00.  

dolls house

We've also got a tree swing for the girls but it's down at the allotment ready for the nicer weather next year.  It'll be great to take them down there in the spring and surprise them with it.  Again, if you click the image you will go straight to the sale page (£24.00 at the time of publishing). 
wooden swing

Don't you just love traditional, wooden gifts that you know are going to last for ages?