My Top Three Christmas Songs That Aren't Really About Christmas

When you look at the list of Christmas number ones there aren't really a lot that are actually about Christmas.  Even X-Factor has taken all the fun out of the race to that much desired number one slot.  But then I remember times when immediate digital downloads weren't available, you had to yomp to a record shop with your pocket money and then watch your favourite song actually climb up the charts over a few weeks.

Here are my top three Christmas songs that aren't really about Christmas or the baby cheeses Jesus *bows head reverently*.  What are yours?

Come back next week to see what my top three forgotten Christmas favourites are!


 Not one single mention of the festive season but release it at the right time and overlay it with a video that depicts the Nativity and... BOOM!... it's immediately a Christmas song.  Even John Lewis have attributed it to finding gloves for a loved one by sticking a snowman in their advert.


Slow a song down, wear a padded jacket with fluffy hood (preferrable white), add some snow and... KAPOW!... one Christmas video.  Probably also heavily influenced by the fact that some bell ringing has been included.


Very possibly the bizarrest pairing in the history of pop duets but again, not a Christmas lyric in sight.  Not a problem though.  Make the singers wear cheesy Christmas jumpers, stick a white tree in the background and introduce some present swapping and...  WOOSH!... you have another shoe-in for the Christmas charts.