The difference between my husband and me when it comes to shoes and bags

My husband owns one bag - a rucksack that he uses as hand luggage when we go abroad.  Any other time he uses his pockets because "that's what they're for" (his words, not mine).  On the other hand, I have an abundance of bags in all colours, shapes and sizes, neatly lined up in the spare room.

My shoes and boots are stored in an old ottoman at the top of the stairs - it's busting at the seams. They are mainly 'classic' designs that I can wear on all occasions.  I have heels that are almost too high to walk in but look amazing, Mary Jane's for work, boots in every length you can imagine, an old comfortable pair of Reeboks, my purple Dr Martens... the list goes on.  I mean, my feet aren't going to grow any more so they are never going to go to waste and doesn't everything come back into fashion at some point? 

cherry red dr marten boots
Kev seems to manage with just a couple of pairs of shoes and a two of pairs of trainers.  He also tends to wear them until they need replacing and doesn't see the need for excessive pairs.  That was until I promised him a slice of the goodness that is shoe-shopping on the Cloggs website (as part of a review).  I've been promising him a pair of cherry red Dr Martens for a long time but he's always remembered how long they take to break in.  

A bit of shoe-love is now apparent in the old man's heart.  He's reminiscing about his skinhead days, so much so that I'm thinking about buying him a pair of braces and a pork pie hat for his birthday.  I wonder how long it will take me to convince him that a man-bag is a good idea too?

What are the men in your life like when it comes to shoes and bags? 


Disclosure:  I chose a pair of shoes from the Cloggs website for the purpose of a review. Please see my disclosure policy for more details.    

The ordering process on the Cloggs website is really quick and easy.  You create an account, select your shoe colour and size and click the "Add To Basket" button.  Choose the "delivery in 3-4 working days" option and delivery is free.  I was really glad to see that Cloggs stock men's shoes up to size 15 in some styles - my husband and my eldest son are both size 12 and find it difficult to buy shoes sometimes.