The One Where I Don't Make Any New Year Resolutions...

So, yeah, no New Year Resolutions which is a bit odd for me but then I only got round to ordering my 2013 Filofax diary insert two days ago which is SO not like me.  I'm not sure that making new year resolutions is a good idea anyway as I tend to put myself on a guilt trip if I don't stick to them.  It's like starting a diet or beginning a new gym routine on a Monday... never works.  It's also one of the reasons that I fail at 365 photo blogs (I tried last year - I got to the 12th of January, I think.  Maybe not even that far) yet I can Instagram the shit out of anything - that feels different though.  Spontaneous rather than artistic.  I am determined to be more organised this year and to ensure that there is a definite work/home divide and this was triggered by an email from Liz.

She was asking me (and a few other mums who work) how I merge my work and home life and if I'm happy with it.  You can read my contribution here - not quite sure about the moniker "Exhibit B" but it's better than being a dead exhibit B, I suppose.   The conclusion is that, yes, I am happy with it but it's not perfect.

(It also lead to a conversation - with others - on Google Plus about how I only have four five-and-a-half photographs of myself that I'm happy with because I don't see myself as photogenic.  And I have shit hair.  That's a huge confidence issue that I'm convinced is related to happiness too.)

I wanted to write more.  I wanted to explain how I love my job so much but find that not being able to blog about some of my everyday experiences feels limiting.  As a writer/blogger that's the worst feeling in the world and I haven't found a balance that I'm happy with yet.  I hope to find that balance in some way without having to go anon because my work throws up all sorts of great discussion topics.

So what am I going to do to change things without it being a new year resolution?

  • I have to be STRICT with my own diaries this year - one for my desk, one for out and about and one for personal.  It seems to be a little OTT but the course that my job is taking makes it necessary.  I'm even considering using different colour pens...
  • Free writing as and when I feel like it.  Because I want to. Not because I have to.
  • Go. To. The. Gym.... No Excuses.  Eat less crap.  Eat more good stuff.  Drink on Saturdays only (I'm laughing inside my head here).
  • Stop feeling 'blah' and 'meh' about shit that doesn't concern me.
  • I need to start going to bed early(ish). Even if it means taking my tablet or kindle up with me.
  • Which means that I am going to read more and might even start remembering that I'm part of a book club that actually requires me to read the suggested Book Of The Month.
  • Keep Knitting.  Maybe even start a cross-stitch project again.  Subversive, not twee.

And all of this might lead me to feeling a bit more settled and a bit happier.  Starting NOW on Monday... *ahem*

bring me sunshine lyrics

Bring me sunshine, in your smile,
Bring me laughter, all the while,
In this world where we live there should be more happiness,
So much joy you can give to each brand new, bright tomorrow...