(More) Random Acts Of Kindness

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I saw such a cool blog post the other day from "Clara Unravelled".  In return for some kindness she received last year, she has decided to send something crafty (not a fox, I hope) to six random commenters on her blog post.

What a fab idea! This totally fits in with my own personal ethos of "paying it forward".  Now that I have rediscovered my crafting mojo I can join in and send all the crap that I make some crass-stitch (not a typo) or a small knitted project onto other people. 

Do you want a bit of that?  I'm going to send something to Clara for coming up with such a fab idea and I'm going to send something to the first five twenty people to comment on this post (please click through if you're reading elsewhere).  If I get more comments than that I may extend it, depending on how many fabulous (!) things I can make over the next few months.  If I know you well enough I may make something bespoke!

If you are lined up to receive something special, you have to pinky promise to pay it forward yourself.  This doesn't have to be a craft project but maybe spotting something inexpensive that you know someone else will  love like when Liz found these bookmarks and thought of me, or something like Sophie did in the supermarket queue a few weeks back or the kind car park attendant from last September.  You may have to wait a while but that's the beauty of paying it forward - it surprises you when it happens just as much as the recipient.

So get commenting and get thinking!  When you comment let me know your twitter handle or email address too and I'll be in touch for your address and I promise not to look you up on Google maps.