What's In My Handbag (part 3)

I adore the yummy mummy modern style changing bags simply because they excite the organiser in me and I am a self-proclaimed handbag whore.  But the burning question of the day is "What does an anti-Yummy Mummy want or need a Yummy Mummy bag for?"  The answer is "Work!"

pink lining, wheelie case,

I'm currently using a Pink Lining wheelie case for work simply because I need something roomy to hold all my work paraphernalia.  And in a true "What's In Your Handbag" type of post I have listed the contents...

~ Laptop
~ File of documents and session plans
~ Additional paperwork
~ Filofax (natch - my A5 Metropole)
~ Laptop charger
~ Phone charger
~ Flip camera
~ Spare pens
~ External hard drive
~ Wet wipes (don't ask!), deodorant and umbrella

It looks pretty cool, yes?  It's getting loads of "ooohhh, I love it" comments everywhere I go - everyone wants one!  I've already a lover of Pink Lining as they sent me one of their bags to try out as an 'overnight' bag for my trip to Cybermummy back in 2011 where I discovered that the padded bottle holder was just the right size for a bottle of vodka *cough*.  Thereafter it became a favourite travel bag and was even used to cart stuff to the beach and back in Tunisia.

What is in your handbag/work bag/changing bag?  Let me know in the comments. Have you invested in an organiser bag at all or is it just me that's a bit OCD about needing to find things quickly and easily?

Oh and what can I do with that spare shoulder strap?  All suggestions greatly received!


Disclaimer:  This bag was provided by Pink Lining for the purpose of a review.  Please see my disclosure policy for more details.

My only criticism (because nothing is perfect... well, almost nothing) is that the interior of the case isn't padded at all so the casing of the pull-along handle is very noticeable but it doesn't stop the case doing what it's supposed to.

The cost has been a great source of discussion but the Pink Lining bags are very obviously ones that can be used as a yummy mummy bags way beyond their intended purpose and are built to last.

More details and prices available on the Pink Lining website.