Getting My Filofax Freak On... Again!

I'm getting my Filofax freak on again.  I treated myself to a Temperley for Filofax Ikat personal organiser basically because it was half price in the sale and it's the only time I'd ever be able to afford anything from that range.  I was hoping that this would be my ultimate Filofax (is that possible?) because of the purse/ring binder combo.  

Temperley, Filofax, Diary, Purse,

Coincidentally, this week I read "Is your set up working as planned" on Philofaxy which recommends that you revisit your Filofax eight weeks into the new year to see if your layout is working for you.  For me, one of the joys of using a Filofax is that you can constantly change the way in which you use it.  Because I've recently split my system over two binders (one work, one personal) I don't use a full system for personal use at the moment - it's mainly just a day-to-day diary and a notepad.  Therefore the Temperley should work well, shouldn't it?  I have removed all of the dividers and have inserted two plastic pockets.  I am using two ruler dividers to mark my place in the diary and separate the notepad.

But, fellow Filofax lovers, I often wonder if you share my confusion at the additional papers that we often receive with a new diary?  What I'm actually referring to is the (seemingly) pointless leaves which include:
  • Personal information sheets (in five languages), last year/this year/next year calender, Chinese zodiac years/star sign sheet/birthdays by month (this may be exclusive to the Temperley range as I've never seen them before), marketing/advertising sheets (put them inside the packaging, not the diary?), weights and measures conversion chart, World and time charts, national holiday information, International information (capital city, currency, + or - GMT, dialing code), religious festivals, a world map
It sounds petty but I never use any of these sheets and it seems slightly wasteful; maybe there could be an opt-in/opt-out check box on the website when ordering?  Do you use or remove these sheets yourself? I'm not a fan of the A-Z section that you receive as a compulsory addition to your new diary but have previously received some suggestions for use on my Facebook page.  As a result, I now have a lovely, organised ideas book* which works for me.

Filofax, static diary for the full year or a basic notebook - what's floating your boat this year?

*For those keeping count, yes, that's currently three Filofaxes in use at the moment.