Thinking About Holidays...

the word 'holiday' written in the sand
It is round about this time of year that I start flicking through the holiday brochures, dreaming about places that I can't afford, places that I'll never see because my husband won't do more than three hours on a plane or package deals that won't break the bank.  I sometimes even start a Pinterest board full of tourist-y type places and the clothes that I'd wear whilst sightseeing.

We usually book last minute holidays and throw it all on the credit card and looking back at this old post I have just been reminded that we even booked to go away with only four days notice! 

We've grabbed some great deals in the past and discovered some places that we never thought we'd visit as a family (Tunisia remains a firm favourite).  I daren't look through holiday brochures and set my sights on something because there may be a better deal just around the corner.  

What about you?   Do you book in advance or wait until the last minute?  Tell me about your best savings and your total holiday disasters in the comments! have asked me to share this video with you that promotes the discounts they can provide.  
I'm definitely going to check them out when we start thinking about booking later this year.  

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