Soundtrack To My Life - Lynn

This week it's a pleasure to welcome Lynn to Soundtrack To My Life.  Our paths originally crossed during "that" Mumsnet experience but, gladly, that's all water under the bridge and we have since connected on most of the other social media platforms.  It's inevitable when you are fellow bloggers, really.  More about Lynn at the end of the post but, for now, here are her song choices...


Brotherhood of Man - Save All Your Kisses for Me 

My first musical memory. Cheesy Europop – no wonder I grew up loving Cliff Richard and Abba. It was my Mum’s fault, honest. I can still remember the sheer joy of realising that they were singing to ME. The last line, ‘.. even though you’re only three’ was written for me, I was sure.

It is always handy if the question comes up in pub quiz, ‘What year did Brotherhood of Man win the Eurovision Song Contest?’ ‘1976!’, I cry. ‘I was only three’.

The Carpenters - Close to You 

My parents bought a new stereo system with tapes and I was handed down the old red leather bound record player. You could load several records and allow them to drop down individually in a pre-historic shuffle. I would listen to Karen’s sweet soaring voice while lying on my Holly Hobby covered bed.

Blue Pearl - Naked in The Rain 

When I was 17 years old I left home and went to work in an outdoor centre in the Highlands. The local bar had a tiny dance floor and we would descend on it at weekends to drink cocktails and dance till we dropped. This was my favourite song and the one that EVERYONE had to dance to or I would sulk.

Roy Black - Ganz in Weiss

An accidental favourite. When we got married, we asked the DJ to play a 'Wiener Waltzer', a Viennese Waltz. He asked for CD, and we handed him one that had Ganz in Weiss as the second track. For some reason he played this song, and it set the tone for the rest of the wedding. From that moment on, the dance floor was full, our German and Scottish families mixed and mingled and a jolly good time was had by all.

Rod Stewart - The Way You Look Tonight 

When my daughter was a tiny baby, I'd waltz around our tiny little flat with her. This song was her lullaby, and that of my son who was born two years later. They are now pre-teens but still ask me to sing this song sometimes. I can never resist tickling their noses at the line, '... and that laugh that wrinkles your nose, touches my foolish heart'


Lynn is author of Learn Twitter In 10 Minutes.   She also blogs about anything and everything at Salt and Caramel, writing very thought-provoking posts.  You can catch her on Twitter as @LynnCSchreiber.

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