Soundtrack To My Life - Ruth

This week sees the second Eroticon - the UK's sex blogger and erotic writers' conference - and I'm pleased to feature conference founder Ruth (a.k.a. Ruby Kiddell) on Soundtrack To My Life today.  I have got to know Ruth in both her guises over the past two years and she is a very talented writer with a clear vision when it comes to writing erotica and promoting the erotic industry in a positive light.  Her "write sex right" ethos is very powerful.  For now, over to Ruth...


Cilla Black - Liverpool Lullaby

Long car journeys from Bedford to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands would be passed listening to Spinners tapes and this was one of the songs. I now sing it to my daughter, though replace "belt from your dad" with "kiss from your dad"

Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart

The soundtrack of the first time my heart was broken.
The first year at college, he was called Dave.
We're friends now.

P P Arnold - First Cut Is The Deepest

The time my heart was broken after I fell for a man whose heart was already broken.
His name was Michael, he told me I was his perfect woman but he couldn't go out with me.
Not that perfect then.

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Well you can't can you.
But sometimes, more often than you might think or recognise, the universe gives you what you need.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby

Starting writing erotica under the pen name Ruby Kiddell changed my life. From the friends I've made, the people I've met and the business I've created.  All of it unexpected. All of it immense fun. As well as the fun I'm extremely proud to have created a conference, a space wherein other people come together and feel united and that they have a voice.

While I've never been shy of speaking my mind, being Ruby has given me a voice and, more importantly, helped others find theirs.

That's 50 shades of awesome.


For more details about Eroticon you can visit the official website and you can find "Ruby" on Twitter as @eroticnotebook.  Also, you can catch Ruth over at her blog, This Lemonade Life, and on Twitter as @summerlandC.  She's a bit handy with a sewing needle too! 

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