Blognonymous : The Appointment

Editors note: This post was submitted to me within the ethos of Blognonymous.  The writer needs somewhere to consider her options and request other people viewpoints.  Please feel free to offer her your advice and thoughts in the comments section.


I'm angry & upset. Angry at myself for being upset with my husband who is always  so supportive. I’m sure my reaction is way OTT but need to get some ‘objective’ responses.

My first mammogram was in 2006. I’m rather large in the bust region & they had fun ‘getting them in the right place’! About a week later, I received a letter asking me to go back. The letter arrived on Wednesday & I had to go back the following Tuesday. Those few days were awful. Neither my husband  nor I  mentioned it but we had nothing else on our minds other than ‘what if’.

We both attended the recall. It makes my heart pound just remembering. The doctor was wonderful, very reassuring especially when she told me that there was nothing amiss. The structure of the tissue was such that as it was the first time I had been checked, they just wanted to make sure.

The relief for us both! I cried buckets for a couple of hours. Hubby had a tear in his eyes. Since then I have had another routine check – all clear.

I received a letter today asking me to attend another routine check. I had expected it in January but obviously they are ahead of themselves & have called me for 10th Dec. I was quite pleased when I read it. Get it out of the way before the New Year.

Hubby however was not happy. We have a big family event the week before Christmas & he feels I should leave the examination until after Christmas. It has completely unnerved me. He says he is not worried about the result but ‘just in case’ it would be better not to have it hanging over us when we are supposed to be celebrating.

We’ve had a few words during which he said to go ahead, after all, I have a birthday in January so that would be another ‘event’. There is always ‘life’ to think about.

What do you think? Should I go before or after? What do I say to hubby? I had no idea he was so affected by it & that makes me feel awful!!