Do you ever wish you had a talent?  Nothing spectacular - just something that everyone remembers you for.

 Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - The Pink Panther Theme .mp3
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I can play the piano and I can read music but I've always wanted to just sit down at the piano at a party and start playing a song that everyone knows, with everyone gathering around the piano, singing along and calling out for the next song.  Old-time party style.  My speciality piece is "The Pink Panther Theme" but that doesn't have any lyrics and when people say, "Great! What else can you play?" I tend to mumble something and wander away from the keyboard.

I also want to learn how to raise just one eyebrow so I can take on a mocking, knowing look when someone does something stupid.  I don't even want to raise each eyebrow independently (although that would be a bonus - maybe I could do it in time to the music when I'm playing the Pink Panther Theme?).  Just the one would do!  I can roll my R's and I can curl my tongue to make a clicking noise but I can't raise just one eyebrow.

The Pink Panther, raising just one eyebrow in a quizzical sort of way...