Now That's What I Call A Music Quiz

There's a little bit of oneupmanship a craze going on in Blogland at the moment.  You have Paula with her visual music quizzes (#1 and #2, with #3 to follow on Friday) and Garry with his headbashing soundbites quiz (we don't talk about his first attempt as it was a bit of a flop!) so I've decided to jump on the bandwagon.  This is something I wanted to do with the #FridayTwiz but it moves a bit too fast on a Friday and not everyone has their speakers switched on.

Here is a ten second compilation of song.  All you have to do is whack up your speakers, click play and tell me what you hear!  I'm not going to let on how many there are in the collection 'cos that would make it even easier than it already is!  You can email me your answers with the subject line marked "Music Quiz".  There are no prizes for this - just lots of kudos and a little bit of link love in the blog-post-with-all-the-answers on Friday.