Contraceptives for Kids

Today's media reports that a pilot scheme on the Isle of Wight will allow girls as young as 13 years old to obtain a month's worth contraceptive pills from selected chemists on the island.

What do you think of this?  Do you believe this is the right way to educate our teenagers; by offering them the opportunity to protect themselves against unwanted teenage pregnancies or should we be encouraging them to adhere to the UK law and refrain from sexual activity until they are age 16?

Is  the Isle of Wight even the right place to pilot this scheme?  Will the teenagers trust the promised anonymity, advice and support on a small island where close-knit communities have formed and everyone knows everyone?

How do you, as a parent, feel about this?  Is is going to cause barriers or open routes of communication between parent and child?  Is all the onus on the girl to protect herself from pregnancy rather than shared responsibility between both sexual partners?  The pill doesn't protect against STD's either so are we failing to pass on all necessary information?  Are we gunning towards information overload and the teens will just switch off?

Also, have a look at this great little website that has lots of useful information for your teens.

Picture credit : Google Images