Review : Sound Asleep Pillow

I don't need a lot of sleep and always find it difficult to wind down when I do actually go to bed.  One way to combat this was to listen to podcasts on my mp3 player.  I download all sorts of different ones and pick one a night to listen to.  I must have the strangest shaped ears though because, no matter what I do or what position I lie/sit in, the in-ear style headphones always fall out of my ears.  And for obvious reasons, old-school style headphones throw up all sorts of issues.

Secondly, my husband's snoring has got increasingly worse in recent times.  Occasionally, plugging myself into the dulcet tones of a podcast just about drowns out the throaty growling of the comatose body lying next to me.  He swears blind that he doesn't snore very loud but to prove him wrong, one day I will record him.  Watch this space!

sound asleep pillow
The makers of the Sound Asleep Pillow offered me one of their pillows to try out, convinced it could solve some of my dilemmas.  I was a little wary to start off with as I am very fussy about the softness and height of my pillows but agreed to give it a whirl.

The pillow was a bit thicker than I imagined it was going to be and only after squeezing the pillow REALLY hard could I feel the speaker inside it.  Even the weight of my head doesn't detect it when I am led down.  The universal stereo jack is attached to one corner of the pillow and the lead (detachable for safety and tidiness) is a very generous 120cm long - plenty of length to allow you to flip your pillow over to the cool side without disturbing your mp3 player.

The sound quality is very clear and my husband has said that he cannot hear the speaker even when lying next to me in the bed.  Positive results all round.  I just need to find a cure for the snoring now...

The pillow dimensions are 70cm x 45cm and the traditional Sound Asleep pillow retails at £15 (there is also a memory foam version for £30).  It is available from the Sound Asleep Pillow website or retailers such as Argos, Tesco, B&Q and Littlewooods to name a few.