Musical Monday : Get Up And Dance

This time for Musical Monday, Emily from Babyrambles has asked me to nominate the song that makes me get up and dance.  She's already picked a Michael Jackson number for herself, which I think is inspired, but I can get round that by buying the Wii game when it's released in the UK.

A lot of my music listening is done in the car, courtesy of my mp3 player.  There are a few old favourites on there so if you're ever driving through Lancashire and see a woman in a silver Escort, singing out of tune at the top of her voice, jiggling her shoulders and wobbling her head from side to side (it's unofficially called "chair dancing"), it's most likely to be me!

Emily is expecting some inspired tracks from me.  What do you think of my choices? (Yes, of course there's more than one!! Isn't there always?)

What is your "get up and dance" song?

Pop by *NSync
When I come back, I want to be in a boyband!

I Like The Way You Move by Body Rockers
Amazing club song.  The build up is fantastic!

Jump That Rock - Scooter versus Status Quo
Saving the best until last!  Crossing the boundaries...