Can I Get A Rewind?

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The other week we were moving crap from the top of one cupboard to the top of another having a clear-out in the kitchen and we rediscovered two carrier bags full of our old cassette tapes.  At some time in the past four years I had made Kev promise that he wouldn't throw them out.

They are priceless, yet worthless.  I am loathe to throw them out because I'm far too sentimental.  Plus they would have to go to landfill so I'm really fulfilling my role as eco-warrior...  *whistles nonchalantly whilst clinging to the past*

Jukebox Classics,Robert Miles, Alison Moyet, Janet Jackson, Holly Johnson, Duran Duran, The Bee Gees (not mine), Hot Chocolate (I don't remember buying that one either), Paul Simon, Phil Collins, Sam Brown, East 17, all sorts of different compilation albums and almost every 'Now That's What I Call Music!' up to number 21 - but sadly missing what used to be my pride and joy - the original Now That's What I Call Music tape from 1983.  What are we on now?  Number 77?  I'm sure they only used to be released once a year or so.  These days it seems to be once a month.  Can you spot any of your old favourites in that pile?

music pirateYou will notice an abundance of blank tapes too.  There are probably all 'mix tapes' or recordings of the Top 40.  Yes, I was a music pirate, attempting to stop and start the tape before the DJ got a word in (mentioned in passing on this post).  I think there's even a recording of me drunkenly phoning either James Whale or Alan Beswick when they used to be a late night DJ on Red Rose Radio (now Rock FM) and having a little chat about something deep and meaningful.

(by the way, Lancashire people, have a look at this page - Alan Beswick, Simon Tate (the uncle of my friend from primary school ) and many more blasts from the past)

I have no idea what I am going to do with all these tapes now.  We have an old stereo with a tape-deck but the tone is awful compared to quality of music today.  And I can download digitally remastered versions of almost any song now.  Maybe I should stack them up in the lounge and make a 'feature' out of them.  Or I could unravel the tape and knit something.  Or I could just put them back on the top of the kitchen cupboard and sigh nostalgically.