Give Up Clothes For Good

An email from Sally arrived last week with the subject header "Give Up Clothes For Good".  I thought she'd finally flipped and was asking me to run away with her to a nudist colony.  You'll be pleased to hear that I presumed wrong.

What she was actually telling me about was the collaboration between Cancer Research UK and TKMaxx and the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign happening in April.  The money from these donations goes directly towards research aimed at treating and preventing childhood cancer which is why you need to donate in this way for this campaign.

I don't really own any expensive items of clothing but the two items I am going to take to TKMaxx are:

My beautiful Anna Scholz dress that was given to me by Simply Be for the MAD Blog Awards 2011.  I received LOADS of compliments about this dress and loved wearing it but it really is a "one moment in time" dress for me.  It has given me confidence to experiment with colour and style though.

An electric blue mac that I bought from Asda a couple of years ago.  I bought two, in fact - this one and a black one.  They are a real classic cut and the black one is my summer coat for work but I have no idea what was going on inside my head when I picked the blue one.  I'm so not an electric blue person at all!  It has never been worn and still has the tags on.

I hope the people that end up buying these items of clothes enjoy them.  What are you going to donate?