Maternity dresses to suit your bump

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There comes a particular point during pregnancy when your usual wardrobe is just not fit for purpose anymore. This point usually occurs sometime early in the second trimester. All of a sudden skirts won't zip up properly, jeans seem to have shrunk excessively around the waist, and you can't get your sequinned sheath dress past your burgeoning bump.

What is a girl to do? She is to go out immediately and buy some maternity dresses!

During pregnancy, I found myself choosing maternity dresses out of the wardrobe far more often than any other type of maternity wear. For comfort and practicality, dresses are hard to beat. Especially if your pregnancy is during the hot summer months, a cotton dress that doesn't restrict your body is the ideal piece of clothing. Practical too for other more delicate reasons. With pregnancy comes the desire to visit the toilet more frequently. Suffice it to say, dresses are far easier to negotiate in a hurry than maternity jeans.

Recently the fashion world has seen a resurgence of the Maxi style dress. Everywhere you look in key designer collections on the catwalk and on the high street, Maxi dresses are being snapped up by the fashion conscious.

What perfect timing! The Maxi style is perhaps one of the best maternity dresses of all time. Choose a dress that has enough upper support and that draws in comfortably below your bust. By definition Maxi dresses have volume and length in abundance, just ideal for dressing the pregnant form. Many maternity dress designers try and extend the shelf-life of their clothes, and this is definitely one style that lends itself to continued wear post-pregnancy.

Image courtesy of Vertbaudet
Vertbaudet sell a sophisticated yet playful maxi style maternity dress in a soft floral blue print. Feminine and flattering, it is so nice that you will definitely find excuses to wear it after your pregnancy. Check out Vertbaudet for other styles of maternity dresses. This French retailer which sells in the UK has cornered the market in good value, stylish maternity clothes, baby and children's wear. Choose from maternity dresses in tunic and shift styles, sun dresses and smart and casual options for most situations. At Vertbaudet, look for interesting maternity designs incorporating pleats, extra panels and wrap around features that mean your beautiful pregnant body is flattered and comfortable at the same time.

Many maternity dresses are manufactured from that old pregnancy favourite, Jersey cotton. Scoring top marks for comfort and stretchiness, you will find it difficult to put together a maternity wardrobe that doesn't contain any of this wonder-fabric. It is so important to feel good about yourself when you are pregnant and simple things such as choosing the right dress in the right soft fabric can make such a difference.

The Vertbaudet collection of maternity dresses features examples in solid colours in flattering shades such as black, grey, green, purple and blue. There are some pretty floral print dresses, and stripes get a look in too, fabrics are predominantly cool and comfortable cotton voile and soft Jersey. For a cool, comfortable and stylish pregnancy, the maternity dress really is the one to wear.