Happy Mother's Day [Infographic]

We all know what I think about Mother's Day and I've written before how life is hard without Mum here to run things by.  It doesn't matter who the matriarchal figure in our life is but what is important is that we ensure that we value the work that the mum-figure in our life does for us.  I've been taking part in a debate about how we reward our Mums over on Parentdish.  You've still got time to vote in that debate (as long as you're voting for my viewpoint) which includes the chance to win a trip to a spa!!  Click the banner image to find out more.

MoneySupermarket.com have pulled together this infographic which (according to survey results) puts a monetary figure on the work of a mum.  I'd say we're worth much more than this... priceless, in fact.

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