Grandchildren, Allotment, Shit Happens, Rants

Nothing funny/unusual/dangerous/exciting/interesting (delete as appropriate) is happening so there's not much blog fodder about at the moment.  There's plenty going on with the "Usual Subjects" [sic]:  Grandchildren, Allotment, Shit Happens, Rants... so here's a quick run-down.

We went down to the allotment and took the puppy down for the first time at the weekend.  I also picked up Amie-Leigh and took her for the first time.  Yes, on a number of occasions I did think I was mad too.

There's not a lot going at the allotment at the moment - lots of building fences and sheds but not a lot of planting preparation.  It's a bit cold at the moment so we haven't put the new planting beds in yet. Oh, and we lost the greenhouse in the bad winds earlier in the year.  Still there was a great stage shed base for Amie to jump around on, some chickens to discover and lots of muddy puddles for her to jump in.  Yes, her mummy loved me when I took her home.  They joys of grandparenting... get them hyped up and filthy and then take them home.

The dog loves it up there.  Since the weekend he's been twice this week with Kev.  He sits on the front seat of Kev's gypsy Transit van, strapped in with his new seatbelt, leaning up against the window, casting a doggie eye over the world as they drive on by.  By the time the summer arrives, I fully expect him to know how to wind the window down, prop a paw on the door and have that 'cruising' stance.  I might even buy him some sunglasses...

I started this post on Tuesday.  I was already having a *head desk* week.  Lots of eye-rolling, unfinished homework battles ("Yes, mum, it's got to be in tomorrow.  Yes, mum, I've had it since last Wednesday.  Yes, mum, I needed to collect four leaflets to write about.  Yes, mum, I know it's nearly 9 o'clock.  Yes, mum, I'm writing now.  What does this word mean, mum?"), mental arguments with myself about all sorts of stuff, a sheaf of papers that needed sorting and a look around my spare room study that has become a dumping ground for all sorts of crap over the past few weeks.  Oh, and a deadline that should have been met at the end of half term.

Then, to top it all the (landline) phone rang in the evening.  It was a marketing company.  They got stopped in their tracks with the usual, "I don't subscribe to marketing conversations.  Please can you remove my details from your database with immediate effect.  I am registered with the TPS", which usually stops them in their tracks and they promptly finish their spiel.  This time it was different.  The guy on the other end of the phone told me that the Open University had provided them with my details.  Full name (Sunday name), landline telephone number and all the rest of it.

Yeah.  Gobsmacked.
So I had a bit of a rant on Twitter with a few 'fucks' thrown in for good measure.
I copied the rant to Facebook just so everyone knew how I felt.

My colleague asked if I'd ring the Open University from work so she could listen in with a brew as part of her morning entertainment.  She loves it when I get a bit irate and high-pitched on the phone.

I phoned the OU and asked to speak to the person who is in charge of either Data Protection or the person responsible for selling details to external marketing organisations.  They were adamant that they don't share student details with anyone other than an organisation who handles calls to promote OU-related events and further studies.  But how did the marketing company know my little-used real name along with my very-rarely given out landline number?  I mean, it's too much of a coincidence for someone to acquire my landline number, ask to speak to me and suggest that they have got my number from the OU, isn't it?  The Open University are "looking into it" apparently.

Anyway, I went out with the dog for a walk along the canal tonight in the dark to clear my head.  It was one of those moonlit nights that made me wish I had taken my proper camera.  Sod's law, eh?

moonlight shadowmoonlight shadow

Considering I didn't have anything to say I've waffled on a fair amount, haven't I?

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