Freedom : #gettogether with Oxfam

This morning, I heard my alarm sound from my mobile phone.  I leaned out from under my thick, king-sized duvet and switched it off.  I swung my legs out of the bed and pushed my (not really all that cold) feet into a warm pair of slippers.  I washed with clean, warm water, I brushed my teeth with clean, cold water.  I woke my son and pressed for him to get a move on so we could have breakfast - a choice of foods from the cupboard and that all-important first cup of tea of the day.  

We left the house and climbed into my car.  I drove him to his school which is in the process of being rebuilt and becoming a brand new high-tech super-school and I continued my journey on a smooth, flat road all the way to my office.  

And here I am now, sat at a desk surrounded by all sorts of modern technology and I hold a senior(-ish) position within the company.  I am lucky enough to be able to pursue my career choice and earn enough money  so that we can manage with one income (for a variety of reasons).  

Tonight, I will go home, order take-away for tea, power up my laptop, converse with a number friends online using social media whilst drinking a bottle of wine.  

That's my Friday right there.  My choice, my life, my freedom.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, Friday 8th March 2012 is International Women's Day and Oxfam are encouraging people to "get together" to raise money to assist women around the world to be empowered and to equip them with the resources to work their way out of poverty.  There's stacks of information on the Oxfam website but fellow blogger, Claire - from The Lazy Girl Blog - is asking women to write about the freedom that they enjoy.  Do you appreciate it?  Do you really know what "freedom" is?  If you write a post about "Freedom" then use the linky on Claire's blog to share your post and to find others on the same subject.

Also, tonight (Friday) I shall be dedicating the #FridayTwiz to the #gettogether campaign using some questions that Claire has provided with a theme of "Women Rock".  Come on over and join in.