Review : ECCO Shoe Style

Shoes... SHOES... S.H.O.E.S... I'm getting to Imelda Marcos status with my shoes at the moment but with the recent indeterminable weather it has meant that I've gone out in flip-flops when I needed galoshes or worn boots when I could have got away with pretty sandals.  Because my feet have been encased in boots most of the time (flat, warm, safe) I have been dying to get back into heels.  I've had the opportunity to try a pair of ECCOshoes which looked pretty cool, although I wasn't too sure about the shape at first.

I'm lucky that I can dress for work in a smart/casual way because I flit between the office and off-site project work.   As the Sculptured 65 is a brand new range I've styled them up in both a smart and in a casual way to see what felt best.

I have been looking for a great pair of shoes to wear with this knee-length dress and these are perfect for it and I can totally see me teaming them with a pair of thick-knit tights in the winter with other knee-length or jumper dresses.  Right at the other end of the scale (and totally my most favourite look) was my 'skinny jeans and fitted t-shirt' look which worked as a "fits all occasions" look when teamed with these shoes.

I'm also really fussy when it comes to heel-height - and you know I'm totally honest when it comes to reviewing products - but these are the perfect height for me, even if I did think they looked a bit of a strange shape in the beginning.  I've fallen in love with them now though.

And even though this is a review, I'd love you to share how you'd style up this shoe. They are going to carry me right through to the winter and I desperately need some fashion tips.
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