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soundtrack to my lifeToday on Soundtrack To My Life, the songs have been chosen by someone you may only know as a donkey.  Wendy normally goes by the name of "Very Bored in Catalunya" and uses a straw donkey as her avatar.  Even I didn't know what she looked like until earlier this year when I finally had the chance to meet her at BritMums Live.  I have featured Wendy today because she is Guest Twizmaster on the Friday Twiz tonight, giving me the chance to join in.  Let's see if she's got some tracks to get us in the weekend mood.


Olivia Newton-John - Take Me Home Country Road

I suppose I had better start in chronological order ... way back, way, way back when I was just a nipper, well about 4 or 5. I have very vivid memories of a house we used to live in. I remember leaving wax crayons out on the floor, a bit too close to the gas fire which then melted nicely into the carpet...

I also remember my mum playing her rather small collection of 45s. By and large, my mum's music taste has, and will always be, shit. But I remember the song Take Me Home Country Roads, sung bizarrely by the Aussie Olivia Newton John. The song then came back into my life at aged 13 at school camp when we used to sing it along with a handsome geography teacher on the guitar each night with tin mugs of ovaltine before bed.

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Soft Cell - Tainted Love

When I was about 10 or 11, we all used to buy the comics and trade posters in class, most of the girls were into the up and coming Duran Duran, and the boys were all mad keen on Madness. For some unknown reason, other than a superior taste in music, my poster of choice was Soft Cell. Whilst I will also maintain that their version of Tainted Love is a timeless classic, having my 10 year old bedroom walls covered with pictures of Marc Almond was a bid weird.

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Erasure - A Little Respect

As this a supposed to be about my life, I guess I have to throw in a song that reminds me of bad times. The Circus album from Erasure was my album of choice though times of marital arguments and the odd bout of domestic violence, on top of all the anguish that an average 15 year old girl goes through trying to understand herself at time when not much is making sense. But I think I'd struggle to remember any track from it however, A Little Respect (despite it being a couple of years later) always takes me to a very dark place.

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The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums

My turbulent teens continued until I was 19, but there was a little bit of light relief via the music scene. At 17 I went with a group of friends to alternative club in Nottingham called Rock City (still going strong) and had my eyes, or rather ears opened to the music I would really come to love. A song came on that I'd heard on a late night Radio 1 program (I could say it was John Peel, but it might not have been...) but it somehow changed not just my musical taste from cheesy Wet Wet Wet type bands, but also somehow managed to start to drag me from the black clouds that blighted my late teens.

What is the wonderous song you ask? Well... She Bangs the Drums by The Stone Roses is the answer

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The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man

Ok that really fucking mean Nickie wouldn't let me have six, or rather after a small twitter debate she threatened to cull one [NOTE FROM NICKIE: 'tis the rules.  Deal with it!], so sorry t'husband and Maurice and Robin Gibb - I would have put in our 'first dance' to the fabulous track Words by the equally marvellous Bee Gees. But this is not to be.

Instead, I have to look to my all time favourite song. It doesn't really have a back story other than anyone who knows me really well in real life will probably think of me when they hear it. It's the kind of song that makes me really, really wish I could play the guitar. It is delicously mellow, tranquil and melodic - perfect for summer days. If only I had lived in the sixties to get high on LSD and sway from side to side with long hair and gay abandon....

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Wendy normally resides over on her blog - Very Bored In Catalunya - where there are no boundaries to her subject matter (check out her open letter to the Daily Mail Femail section - very funny and very true).  You can also catch up with Wendy on Twitter as @vbincatalunya and her Facebook page.

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