Think Outside The Box - The Answer

Stormy Weather
Yesterday I set you a moral dilemma.  This question has been used in interviews in the past and I read about it over the weekend.  Of course, there is no correct answer but the "best" answer was this:
  • Give your car keys to your old friend and let him/her drive the old lady to the hospital.  Stay behind and wait for the bus with the perfect partner of your dreams.
which was suggested in three comments.  The most intricate one was left by "bullet" which went into great detail about why the people in the bus shelter hadn't helped the old lady in the first place.  You can read the comment in full here.

Of course there's always the smart arse answer too (mine):
  • Run the old lady over and put her out of her misery, have a quickie with your perfect partner round the back of the bus shelter and drive off with your old friend to chat about it all over a drink.
but the moral of all this is that you are only limited by your own dilemmas.  Never be afraid to think outside of the box.


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