#AppyBitches - The Grand Finalé

Our final #AppyBitches activity was supposed to show a 30-minute discussion between a fab group of bloggers where we talked about money saving and time saving apps for busy parents.  However, I only found the big red BROADCAST button after everyone had left, as you can see...

Myself and Paula were joined by:

and we discussed which apps work best on iPad (sometimes they are just enlarged versions of iPhone apps), how some apps are best developed rather than newer versions created and we compared apps for the iPad against apps for the (newer) android tablet. There was talk about social media apps (Twitter and Facebook featured heavily) and how shopping and banking apps are becoming more popular.  I also believe, at one point, we agreed that I was going to find out how to become ordained online and conduct a marriage ceremony via a Google Plus hangout using the Bible app.

You can see all of Paula's recommendations over on #AppyBitches - The Diary and there are a few extras over on her blog - Cad É An Scéal - but she's written a very special poem for us all to enjoy.

I'm sure you're all familiar
With all the lastest tech
Smartphones replacing handsets
iPods replace tape decks

Broadband over dial-up
No more that screechy sound
And touchscreen is the way to go
No buttons to be found

And I remember when a tablet
Was a headache cure
Yet now it is the must-have gadge
In every home, I'm sure

And what's become the latest thing
What's now our fascination?
The thing that makes our lives run smooth
The download application

An app to do your shopping
An app to find your way
An app that's like the bible and can
Even help you pray

An app that gives the weather
Telling when the rain will pass
An app to check your balance
And an app to pay your gas

An app to help save money and
An app to help you spend
Even when you've overdone it
There's an app to money lend

An app for stalking Facebook and 
An app of course for Twitter
There are apps to make you lazy and 
An app to make you fitter

An app that finds your favourite tunes
Pop, disco,  funk and jive
An app that let's you perv which also
Makes Tom Daley dive

An app for money matters when
You need your mobile banking
And although I haven't checked I'm sure
There is an app for wanking

This project has been lots of fun
The boss can be quite picky
Thanks for the iPad, British Gas
And thanks, of course, to Nickie

Massive thanks to British Gas for the inspiration for the activities and the posts. We have been helping promote their the new British Gas app which, if you are a British Gas customer, helps you to manage your account online.

This is a paid relationship between myself and British Gas.  
Paula was provided with an iPad for her participation in this campaign.
For more information about sponsored posts and campaigns please see my disclosure policy.