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soundtrack to my lifeThis week on Soundtrack To My Life I am featuring an internet friend who I have known for about seven years yet only had the chance to meet earlier this year at the Cybher conference.  Violet Fenn (yes, that's her real name - she changed it by deed poll) and I have very different blog themes but her "deads" fascinate me.  More about that later - here are Fenn's musical choices.


Ralph McTell - Streets Of London

When I was about six, my dad used to teach guitar in the evenings after my brother and I had gone to bed. This was one of the first songs that he taught his pupils and I remember so clearly lying in bed with the thin curtains vainly trying to keep the summer evening light out, hearing this over and over and over again.

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The Damned - Eloise

This isn't the first song I owned by The Damned - that credit goes to 'Noise Noise Noise', which I procured from a friend of my father's when I was about 11 (I had eclectic tastes from the start). But it was the first time they were really, nationally famous, and suddenly my friends 'got' what it was that I loved about them.

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Kim Wilde - Kids In America

When I was about 11, there was a weekly Sunday afternoon disco at a local nightclub. I remember it being wildly exciting as it actually had a 'grown up' smell about it and the floors were sticky with god knows what.

Oh god, how I wanted to be Kim Wilde, rather than a frumpy, chubby preteen from the Midlands.

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Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time

This song was the soundtrack of my (very) misspent twenties. Many a Friday night was spent bouncing drunkenly round the local indie club to this, wishing I lived in Sheffield and pretending that the geeky boy in the corner looked like Jarvis (he really didn't).

Fast forward to last year. By the most convoluted set of circumstances I ended up watching from sidestage as Pulp headlined the last night of Leeds Festival, whilst Jarvis's identikit son danced like a demon behind me and his dad sprawled like a sexed up spider on the stage out front. The most amazingly surreal night of my life.

(Editors Note: this link takes you to the very night Fenn is on about - she was stood on a viewing platform just to the right of the second "P")

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Nick Cave - The Ship Song

Ohhhh - be still, my beating heart... I could have picked anything of Nick's and it would be in my favourites list, but this is one of the prettiest. My love for him knows no bounds (and is most certainly not rational).

Filthy, sexy, occasionally unpleasant and always ferociously intelligent, Nick is the only person on my 'allowed' list, yet also the one person that I never want to meet because I'm too scared that I wouldn't be interesting enough for him. I prefer to live in blissful ignorance.

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soundtrack to my life
You can find Violet Fenn over on her blog - The Skull Illusion - which is hard to explain but is based around post-mortem photography.  I promise, it's not as macabre as it sounds but maybe the taxidermy is!  You can also find Fenn on Twitter as @violetfenn   

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