My Planescapes

I caught an article recently which showcased a style of photography that has been dubbed "Planescape" - taking a picture of the scenery from the window of an aeroplane *be still my geeky heart*.  

This is something that I've already attempted and whilst they are not the clearest of photographs (taken on either a mobile phone or a cheap digital camera) they represent a glimpse of our world that not many people have the chance to see. Here are my favourite four:

© Nickie O'Hara 2009, planescape, portugal
Portugal - taken in March 2009

© Nickie O'Hara 2009, planescape, Spain
Spain - taken in July 2010

© Nickie O'Hara 2009, planescape, France, England
The French (top right) and English (bottom left) coastlines - taken in July 2011

© Nickie O'Hara 2009, planescape, London
London - taken in July 2011
Planescape - Tunisia 2014
Tunisia - taken in July 2014

Planescape - Sardinia 2014
Sardinia - July 2014

Planescape - Corsica 2014
Corsica - July 2014

Planescape - South Coast of England 2014
England - August 2014
(flying over Folkstone looking over the 
Dungeness National Nature Reserve)

You can see a few more (original) pictures in my Facebook album.



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