Where Shall I Holiday This Year?

avenue of trees, park
When I was 11 my parents took me on my first holiday abroad.  We went on a caravan holiday to France. It was a catalogue of disasters including dad forgetting to disconnect the fridge from the car battery during the ferry crossing, a completely bizarre trip to see the Baueux Tapestry and some entertainment from drunk parents.  

We stayed in Granville, Normandy for two weeks, in the grounds of a beautiful chateau  We attempted to immerse ourselves into a French holiday experience from the get-go; trying local cuisine in traditional settings which included purchasing fresh croissants and baguettes from the on-site bakery first thing in the morning and dining at a local restaurant where we retained the same plate all evening, cleaning it with a small piece of bread in between courses.  I'm also sure that my parents sampled plenty of the local plonk too.

Nowadays, we're not a caravan family (although we tried it when the children were younger) but if we wanted a similar experience then we might try Alfresco Holidays.  In recent years we have ventured a little further afield (Ibiza, Tunisia and Turkey) experiencing the all-inclusive package holiday but maybe we need a halfway point between this and 'back to basics'?

The holiday websites are currently among the more popular tabs in my browser at the moment.  It's so cold in the UK at the moment that anywhere with a bit of sun, a beach and local places of interest is favourite.  I'll let you know where we decide upon.  But in the meantime, you can read all about my first holiday to France because I wrote about it a few years ago.  I'm still traumatised so be gentle with me!

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