There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about

It's been a lovely day for online mentions today and a great start to a new era of blogging for me (more on that at a later date - I can't be giving too many secrets away).

Cision UK logo
Firstly you can hop on over to Cision UK and read my 'Speedy Spotlight'.  Cision is a leading global provider of PR software and services and to be featured by them is complete honour.  I'm talking about my off-centre journey through life, t'other blog (Geekalicious) and the opportunities that writing this blog has brought. I also recommend some blogs I enjoy to read too.

Next, a recommendation that totally blew me away.  Philofaxy (everything Filofax-related that you could ever need in a blog) are nominated in the Shorty Awards.  Part way through their interview, this happens...
Who's your role model on social media?  @nickie72 Great sense of humour and a great grounding in a lot of areas on Social Media.
...which took me completely by surprise and made me blush slightly.

And all this spurs me on to do more of the same.  Onwards and upwards.

Title based on an Oscar Wilde quote