What Can We Learn From Dance Scenes In Movies?

If a movie includes a non-relevant dance scene then it's usually got me hooked.  These include the unrelated-to-the-story-line dance-off scenes in White Chicks and American Pie (The Wedding) through to Ferris Bueller taking over a parade to sing Twist and Shout and ending with the fact that the 'One Night Only' dance in The Full Monty doesn't bear any resemblance to anything that the guys have been learning previously.  My ultimate goal is to get my husband to replicate the dance from Pulp Fiction on our 25th wedding anniversary - but it's probably never going to happen.

Pulp Fiction Dance

But sometimes, dance scenes from movies can teach us a whole lot more if we look at them from a slightly different angle.  Here are my five but what can you add?  Hit me up with your choices in the comments.

Strictly Ballroom 

You don't need music to dance.  Dance to the music in your head... or your heart.  Remember Johnny in Dirty Dancing using the beat of his heart as the rhythm of the music (ga-gung, ga gung)?  Sometimes, you are so in tune with another person, you don't need the music.

People from different walks of life, of varying abilities and who would never normally interact with each other can occasionally come together and change each other's life. This sounds so much like a cliche but it actually happened at work last month and it was a privilege to be a part of it.


There are times when we should forget our inhibitions and act like a child.  Children don't understand fear in the same way that adults do; they attempt everything full pelt.  They run as fast as they can, they use their imaginations and if you ask them to draw a tree they draw a tree.  It's only when we learn how people judge you that we find The Fear.


Teach a friend a new skill.  My mother-in-law taught me to crochet properly a few weeks ago and it's now something I love.

Always Fair Weather 

Just when everyone thinks they've seen everything you've got to give, pull out that stunt you have in reserve. Oh, and act totally natural whilst doing it.

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