Soundtrack To My Life - Leanne

Soundtrack To My Life
I have been looking for an excuse to feature a certain song from Moulin Rouge for ages and today Leanne's Soundtrack To My Life gives me that reason.  Leanne has been blogging for just over four years and started out talking honestly about pregnancy and then moved onto all things parenting, days out, general humourous antics from family life and a bit of fashion advice.  The usual links will be at the end of the post but, for now, it's over to Leanne...


Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

Apparently this song was played constantly on the radio towards the end of my mums pregnancy. It was even on the hospital radio when my mum went in to give birth to me. She says she ALMOST called me Eileen because she thought it was a sign. Luckily (no offense to anyone called Eileen) I was named Leanne instead. To this day whenever we hear it we have to pick up the phone and call each other - which does prove expensive if your on holiday and very drunk #justsayin

Wig Wam Bam - Sweet 

I'm laughing just thinking of this one! Back in the 80s (when I was about 6 or 7) we used to go on static caravan holidays with my auntie, uncle and cousins. This usually consisted of fun days for the kids and VERY drunken nights out with the parents. One night in particular my mum bought me a tinsel wig the a disco which I wore all night(!). I remember there being a competition for two men to gather items of clothing from the women in the audience to turn them in to women. My mum kindly donated her bra (dad was fuming!) and my auntie did the guys make up. I remember this song being played by the DJ about 6 times that night and every time I hear it I get transported back to that holiday and the many many memories!

Feels Like I'm In Love - Kelly Marie 

My mum is a huge music fan and growing up she always THE best tapes on in the car. This was one of my favourite songs ever from her collection and this has been my signature track even I was 18 I would request the DJ played it EVERY time.

It feels like... feels like Im in love.. Boom boom.... boom boom

Come What May - Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman 

My husband and I LOVE the film Moulin Rouge so when we decided to get married last year we talked about which song we should have for our first dance. There are so many songs that represent the different stages of our lives together but the lyrics from this one in particular felt perfect for our wedding day. So on 14th April 2013 in a top secret - no guest - ceremony on the island of Phuket we did it and danced alone to this song.

She Makes Me Wanna - JLS 

My children absolutely adore JLS (they're 6 and 3). Every Friday night we have a little party and have some quality family time together. This track has us all dancing - even Daddy! I smile every time I hear it and I always will - sooooooooo many memories.


Soundtrack To My Life
Leanne blogs at Second Time Mummy and can be found on Twitter as @second_time_mum. You can view all previous Soundtrack To My Life entries by clicking on the mix tape to the right.  If you want to participate in 2014 please complete this form and I'll be in touch very soon.