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Things To Do Before I Turn 50

  (also known as my "TA-DA" list as opposed to a "to do" list) It was my 49th birthday a few days ago and this got me thinking. Any birthday that ends with a zero always feels a bit like milestone or a landmark and, when I hit the big "five-o" in 2022, I don't want huge parties or celebrations but I would like to have ticked a few things off my low-effort bucket list.   I see these things as a way to improve my mental and physical health, plus a few slightly off-the-wall experiences that would make for great memories.  Start running again and include the following: Lead a C25K group again  Participate in parkrun EVERY week where possible  < ongoing (now parkrun Run Director too) Visit local landmarks whilst running  Train for a long race - building up from 5k > 10k > 10 miles > half marathon, with a couple of longer trail races mixed in  Lose a lot bit of weight Post more on Instagram or give the blog a bit of a reboot < ongoing Look at

Soundtrack To My Life - Carly

Soundtrack To My Life
It's not often that someone drops a reference to climbing Kilimanjaro in their Soundtrack To My Life story so when I read Carly's first song choice, we agreed to use the photo video from her trip - it's very emotional (AND she's been to Everest Base Camp recently too).  The usual links will be at the end of the post (her blog header is absolutely perfect) but, for now, it's over to Carly...


Hoobastank - The Reason 

After I did Kilimanjaro in 2011, the song was used in a YouTube video highlighting the trip.  It gives me goosebumps and takes me right back to the mountain every time I hear it.  It also makes me want to go back and climb it all over again.

System of a Down - Sugar 

Just an awesome gig at Reading Festival this year, being stuck between 2 mosh pits and just letting yourself go with the flow... literally!

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot 

I’m constantly told that I show no emotions, I keep it all hidden away.  Whenever people say that, I always think of this song.

LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It 

This is my boy's favourite song.  They do a hilarious dance to it and always puts a smile on my face if I’m feeling low.

Green Day – Good Riddance 

This song was quite pivotal during my teenage years at school.  I was going through the normal motions of being a teenager and this song kind of sums up certain parts of those years.


Soundtrack To My Life

Carly blogs at Adventure Mummy and you can find her on Twitter as @carlymorson.  You can view all previous Soundtrack To My Life entries by clicking on the mix tape to the right.  If you want to participate in 2014 please complete this form and I'll be in touch very soon.