A Hooker's Guide To Alternative Granny Squares

If you follow my twitter feed you'll see that it has recently been peppered with references to crochet and knitting. I have been trying out a little book that Black Sheep Wools sent to me.  It is part of a "Twenty To Make..." series and contains 20 different granny squares with 8 mini-projects and has really easy to follow instructions if you're a beginner like me.  As long as you can crochet a double and a treble stitch and have a bag of wool scraps (what hooker doesn't?) then you should be able to follow the patterns (instructions are given for the US hookers too).  Here's a couple of the granny squares I've done from the book compared to a traditional granny that I had already made.  They were loads easier than I thought they would be to complete and didn't take too much time.

crocheted granny squares instruction book
Crochet Granny Squares - £4.99 from Black Sheep Wools

After completing my first crochet project - an afghan throw - I sold my third born, bought more yarn and started on a new blanket which was going to be for our bed.  I've ended up splitting it into two and creating two smaller blankets (but they are still HUGE - it's double the size you can see here).  The other one is the same pattern but is blue, green and yellow.  Also, I've picked up my knitting needles again and I'm attempting to make a dress with some of this gorgeous black and grey yarn (you can download the pattern for free from here - we can be dress twins... or maybe not).

Black Sheep Wools also gifted me a few balls of wool so I'm in the process of creating a couple of mini snuggle-blankets for my granddaughters.  They look like this at the moment but it is my current go-to project when I want something to do but I don't have to concentrate.  As an aside, isn't the logo for Black Sheep Wools the absolute best?

Black Sheep Wools, granny squares

What are you making at the moment.  Let me know in the comments.