The #SaatchiBill : What is it? How can you help?

A few months ago I was asked to attend an event at the Houses of Parliament.  It was to hear how Lord Saatchi was developing a Medical Innovation Bill designed to help support doctors who want to innovate so they can advance medical science and so they can find new and better treatments or cures for diseases.  This has been called the Saatchi Bill.

Sadly, I couldn't attend the event due to work commitments but I know how social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus) can be used to spread information and awareness.

Firstly, please can I ask you to watch this video at some point this week. Now, during your lunch break, Friday evening, bookmark it and watch it whenever. I'll explain why further down the page.

The Saatchi Bill supports medical innovation - more importantly, innovation in cancer treatment. Currently, the law prevents innovation in cancer treatment citing it as negligence.  It needs to be known that doctors who innovate don't do what they want and they do not treat their patients as guinea pigs. They use bold, scientific findings - a clear path to lawful innovation.  All treatments are created initially through innovative thinking, research, experimentation and action.  

I am totally clear in my thinking that if certain drugs and treatments hadn't been used during my daughter's path to recovery then we would not have her with us today. If you would like to read our story then you can find it here - There are only so many perfect heads in the world, the rest are covered with hair.

Again, I ask you to watch this video - 36 minutes of your time is not a lot to ask, is it? After watching the video then please support the Saatchi Bill team however you can. Read their website, seek them out on your favoured social media channels and listen to what they are proposing.

Now you're at the end, please hit one of the share buttons provided at the top or the bottom of this blog post and share it with your friends.  Ask them to read about the Saatchi Bill and do the same - learn, support and spread the word.  Thank you.