Soundtrack To My Life - Av

Soundtrack To My Life
This week's Soundtrack To My Life is from Av.  Myself and Av wasted far too many hours discussing all things 80s on a dedicated forum and chat room a few years back.  The biggest surprise, for me, in this STML is that there isn't any Spandau Ballet!!  Let's find out what she chose instead.


John & Vengelis - I'll find my way home 

This lways reminds me of Christmas & going to the airport in Dublin to look at the decorations & the way the DAA lit up some parts of the airport. The atmosphere was brill there especially when we used to go and collect my brother from the airport when he'd come home from studying in America for Christmas.

John Parr - St Elmo's Fire 

All because it was the first Brat pack film I ever watched & loved the song from it. Somehow it reminds me of Live Aid but I've no idea why!

Squeeze - Hourglass 

I know it was out in '87 but it reminds me of the Barcelona Olympics. A few friends and I got together and decided that we wanted an alternative national anthem should Ireland win gold. We won one in the boxing, however the new national anthem didn't catch on. Aww... well!

First Class - Beach Baby

I went to California in 2007 and stayed with friends - this was one of the songs of the fortnight. Got nowhere "Old LA" (ii was staying in Monterey, an 8 hour drive north of LA) but did manage to bag a night in San Jose. Gorgeous place! No one asked me to marry them there though! Funnily enough, my first Microsoft chat name was Beach Baby.

The Tornadoes - Telstar

This reminds me of the summer I did my Junior Cert. A Dublin radio station played a 60's,70,s & 80's party mix on a Saturday night and a few friends and I used to have garden parties in each others houses to celebrate the end of the exams.This was the song/instrumental that used to get us all dancing. Even if we hear it at parties now - be it family or one of ours - we'll get up and dance to it.


Soundtrack To My Life

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