[Infographic] Talking To Mum

When Mum was alive I made a special effort to keep in touch with her regularly because we lived in different towns. A recent study by Sainsburys Mobile found that the average woman will spend the equivalent of two months of her life chatting on the phone to her mum.  You know I love a few good statistics so here's what the research found:

talking to mum on the phone, infographic

Women make an average of three calls a week to their mum with each conversation lasting just over 16 minutes. Incredibly, more than one in ten ring their mum at least once a day (some admit that their conversations last at least half an hour each time they pick up the phone). Poor old dad is treated to just one phone call a week, lasting less than seven minutes a time - that's probably when he picks up the phone, has a quick chat, then passes it to mum...

This study of 2,000 women found that in an average week, they will speak to a friend, relative or work colleague on the phone fourteen times, with each of those conversations lasting almost fifteen minutes each. A further 28 minutes each week is taken up with three calls to their best friend, while almost 25 minutes is spent talking to their husband or partner during two separate phone calls. One weekly call of almost nine minutes is made to their sister, with another seven minutes spent on the phone to their dad. Women also make another four calls a week to their brother, work colleague, children and grandparents lasting between four and five minutes each.  

Researchers also found that the most popular subject was family issues, closely followed by their children, work and health issues.Women also phone their mum to chat about their siblings, what’s on TV, money, shopping, friends and the latest gossip from work. It also emerged that two thirds of women say their mum is the first person they call when they need help or advice. Almost three quarters call their mum before anyone else when they have good or bad news but 80 per cent often just phone their mum for a catch-up with one in ten doing this every day. One in five have a set time or day that they talk to their mum on the phone. Six in ten women even admit there are occasions where they call their mum and end up talking for a long time, despite having seen them face-to-face only hours earlier.

All this just goes to show that in these digital times, we're still keen on using our phones to actually speak to the important people in our lives, especially our Mum.

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