Filofax Review : Personal Patent Compact in Duckegg Blue

Personal Patent Compact Filofax in Duckegg Blue
Having a spring clean is one of the best things about a new season and reviewing the Personal Patent Compact Filofax has given me the opportunity to review my current system and move sections about so they work better for me.

Straight out of the box and I am absolutely in love with this colour. It is such a fresh spring colour and the minimal pocket space fits in totally with the compact ring size (15mm in diameter). I think a Personal Compact is a great place to start if you're looking for your first Filofax. It is at the cheaper end of the Filofax market and you can play around with just a few sections to see what works for you. 

The organiser doesn't lay completely flat when you first open it but I imagine that, with some daily use, it may do.  This binder has a high gloss leather look PU (a man-made material made to look and feel like leather) and the interior is a combination of PU and colour-matched polyester.  It comes with a variety of inserts that make a great starter kit and are just enough to fill the rings:
  • 1-6 complimentary coloured index (no A-Z section)
  • Week-on-2-pages diary
  • Today frosted page marker 
  • Paper inserts : white/blue/pink/green ruled notepaper
  • Paper inserts : white graph paper
  • Paper inserts : white plain notepaper
  • Paper inserts : contacts pages
Personal Patent Compact FilofaxPersonal Patent Compact Filofax

I've been asked about smell and weight (yes, really). As a comparison, it weighs about the same as my smartphone and Kindle and smells of nothing (well, there's a 'new pages' smell from the inserts if you're into that kind of thing). Sometimes it is easier to see rather than read so I have made a video showing you round the interior of the Personal Compact. I will add an update when I've been using it for a while.  

You can find colours, full specifications, pricing and delivery information on the Filofax website.
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