[REVIEW] Zinc Sports Outbreak 2 Scooter

Offer a 14 year old a scooter to review and he becomes your most well behaved child. Jake has been trying out the Zinc Sports Outbreak 2 Scooter.  When we received the box I gave it to Jake to so that he could have the full experience of assembling his scooter (plus, I'm not brilliant with an Allen key so it was a bit of a cop-out).  Here's what he thought:

Zinc Sports Outbreak 2 Scooter

The scooter was only in two pieces and came with two Allen keys.  The instructions for assembly were printed with words and pictures and were really easy to follow.  It took me about five minutes to put together.  The stickers were already stuck to the metal frame so I had no choice about the placement of the grip tape (the non-slip footing on the base of the scooter). The frame is fairly lightweight (reinforced aircraft graded aluminium) but feels very sturdy. 
I went out on it straight away and it took about half an hour to break the wheels in (this means to make them spin freely).  The fully rotating footplate and pegs on the wheels make it easy for me to do stunts on it and there is a rear (fender) brake to help out with the stunts too.   
I am tall for my age (I'm 5' 11" and I'm 14 years old) so I would have liked for the handlebar height to adjust but it is the perfect size for my mum (Editors Note:  Yes, I had a go... inside the house, not in the street). 
The Outbrake 2 is only available in purple but it looks more like a dark blue.  Other stunt scooters on the Zinc website are available in different colours.  If I had the choice I would have liked a black and white or a blue scooter so I'm happy with this colour.  All my friends like it too - they are mainly skateboarders but there are a couple of us with scooters now.  I've really enjoyed reviewing the Zinc Sports Outbreak 2 Scooter and I took the pictures before I went out on it.


  • Reinforced aircraft graded aluminium
  • Reinforced Y-shaped handlebars
  • Triple collar clamp
  • 360 rotating footplate
  • Grip tape
  • 100mm alloy core 85A PU wheels
  • Abec 7 bearings
  • Pro Grips
  • Fender brake
  • Front and Rear stunt pegs

Available from Argos.  RRP £99.99
(At the time of writing this scooter was available for half price - £49.99)

The Zinc Sports Outbreak 2 Scooter was provided for the purpose of this review.  
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