One thing that I do a lot is to think of my Mum.  She should have had so many more opportunities ... ... continue reading >>

I Hate Hayfever

I hate it.  Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!!  It has RUINED my weekend.  I have been sat out in the back yard for most of the last couple of da... ... continue reading >>

Tell Us Your Story : Street to School

Tell Us Your Story   is giving people the opportunity to recognise and reward others who have made... ... continue reading >>

Cancer - Your Story : Our New Normal

Editors note:  This is Chris and Harvey's story - the sixth in a series that I have called &quo... ... continue reading >>


Today, I had an invitation to a very special fashion show and I was seated on the second row.  I was aware that the designers were new on th... ... continue reading >>

Aural Sex

It started with the muffled giggles wafting through the wall and I knew that I was in for an hour of... ... continue reading >>

The Gallery : Creatures

The first ladybird of the year.  Not really amazing but we live in a very urban area and have no ga... ... continue reading >>

Spanish Inquisition

SWITCH THAT BLOODY LIGHT OUT... I'LL DO IT... I'LL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!! LondonCity... ... continue reading >>

Review: Lacing Beads

John Crane Lacing Beads "Nature" Photo Credit: John Crane Ltd I was asked... ... continue reading >>

A Quick HTML Lesson - Part 1

As much as I love the platform I use for my blog ( Blogger ), I was more than a little frustrated... ... continue reading >>

Glee - The End

* * SPOILER ALERT * * If you haven't yet seen the final episode of Season 1 and want no hint o... ... continue reading >>


"And the award for the least-observant mother goes to..." *drum roll* ME  Yesterday, ... ... continue reading >>

The Gallery : Motherhood

When I heard this weeks Gallery prompt I thought that I would step out of this one.  I don't hav... ... continue reading >>

The Wits - A New Park

Today I have a very special guest poster - my son, Jake.  I shall let him explain further. * * * ... ... continue reading >>

Jog On (A.K.A. "Cool Runnings")

Ok, maybe I am a tad optimistic but if I put my plans here then I've got to see them through, ri... ... continue reading >>

Cancer - Your Story : Goodbye Mam

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