Jog On (A.K.A. "Cool Runnings")

Ok, maybe I am a tad optimistic but if I put my plans here then I've got to see them through, right?

Tonight, I will be attempting the first "workout" recommended by the experts on the "Couch To 5K" website:
A brisk five-minute warm-up walk then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.
That sounds do-able, doesn't it?

  • Brisk walk to the canal towpath = 5 minutes
  • Jogging and walking in one direction = 10 minutes
  • Jogging and walking in the other direction = 10 minutes
  • Brisk walk from the canal back home = 5 minutes

Rinse and repeat three times for one week (although I think I may do this for more than one week as my fitness levels are zero).  I should also look at getting some proper running shoes before I move onto the next stage.

I'm really not sure if this will work as I gave up running a long time ago but I've heard that a lot of people have tried this method with excellent results.  I don't have a goal so there is no pressure either.  I shall update you later...


I walked up to the canal, jogged and walked for about 6.5 minutes and realised that I still had to get back, so I turned around and headed home doing the same.  So that was a total of just under 13 minutes with a short brisk walk either side (approximately 3 minutes each) from and to home.  Total = 19 minutes.

Considering I've done no formal running training for over 20 years I'm bloody proud of myself!!  I don't mind admitting I'm knackered and never going again it was hard work and I probably set off walking too quickly which is why I got tired so quickly.

I'm going to have another go on Sunday.  I ran the length of three bridges on the canal so I know exactly how far I got.  I'll try and go further before turning around next time.

Picture Credit:  Google Images


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