The Gallery : Motherhood

When I heard this weeks Gallery prompt I thought that I would step out of this one.  I don't have a recent photo of myself and my children together and there isn't anything that I have in my photo archives that really fits... until I saw this...  

This picture was taken on our last trip to Knowsley Safari Park and it completely embodies what Motherhood is to me.  It's a mother, protecting her baby from the invasion of strangers in their natural habitat - arms wrapped around her off-spring, stubbornly preventing the advancement of the strange objects, the snooty expression saying, "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"  That is exactly how I feel about my babies (even though they are not babies any more).  I never want to be incapable of stepping in and protecting them and I think that emotion has become all the more stronger since I lost my own mum.  No-one's "make it all better" hug has come close and I miss that.

But when I do need a pick-me-up, I always turn to my Motherhood Survival Kit...

* * *

This blog post was submitted for the weekly Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  This week's theme was 'Motherhood'.  This digital art Gallery is all linked at Sticky Fingers and you can see all of this weeks entries >>> here <<<

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