Right Leg In, Right Leg Out

No, we're not doing the hokey cokey (although we might do at the end if you sit nicely and behave)... no, this post is about bedroom behaviour... oh bloody hell... I mean SLEEP!!

It's a hot summer night... (no, this is not that Meatloaf song) and you can't sleep.  You lie on the bed and cover yourself up... AARRGGHH it's too hot.  You fling the duvet back (narrowly missing your loved one's shoulder if you share the bed with someone) and sprawl out like a starfish, then you try lying on top of your duvet, then back on the sheet, tossing (don't be rude) and turning, flipping your pillow over to the cool side... and finally end up covered up with your duvet BUT with one leg uncovered, either hanging down by the side of the bed or hooked round the edge of the duvet.

Why, oh why is that just right?