I Hate Hayfever

I hate it.  Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!!  It has RUINED my weekend.  I have been sat out in the back yard for most of the last couple of days, trying to enjoy the sun, nibbling away on bits of food from the barbecue, watching my granddaughter splash about in the paddling pool and it has all been marred by the constant sneezing, eye-watering, itchiness that is hayfever.

Today, back in the office, with not a tree or patch of grass in sight (well, a small courtyard outside the window but nothing to worry too much about) I have hardly any symptoms.  However, I look like shit.  My eyes are swollen, I have a nose that looks like I've had 'flu for a week (red, peeling) and I feel drained.

I need a miracle cure or to move abroad - I'm never affected when we're away on holiday.  The nasal spray that I had come to rely for a few years on no longer works (change of formula maybe?) and tablets are never usually strong enough as they work for a couple of hours and then I'm back to snot and tears.

Does anyone have any suggestions or fabulous natural ways to stop the hayfever?