I have a Brilliant Blog

I know... it's like stating the obvious but at least someone has had the guts to say it.

My stalker good friend Cass over at The Diary of a Frugal Family has decided to create a new Blogging award just for me to give out to fellow bloggers who she thinks have "Brilliant Blogs".  I have acted all shocked and Gwyneth-like but it comes as no surprise...  Big headed?  Moi? *giggle*

So, I now have to do the usual and pass the 'award' on.  Who do I think is worthy of this award?  You know, I don't think there are any blogs out there that don't deserve it but if I give it to everyone then the meme would just stop here and that would be boring!

Here are my five recommendations for this week (and I'm trying to pick blogs that I haven't recommended before) - click through and save them as favourites because their recommendations will be just as good too:  

You all know what to do - take the badge and pass it on to five more *wink*