Glee - The End


If you haven't yet seen the final episode of Season 1 and want no hint of what happens then

You're still here?  Oh, OK then.  Let's groove!

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed that I may have made the odd remark commented rather a lot about Glee.  I was a bit nervous about the final episode, "Journey", as I'd got a little tired of seeing Rachel sing with her eyes shut with emotion and the story lines over the past few weeks had seemed to lack...  I don't know... something Gleeful?  There have been some fabulously genius moments like Artie's flashmob in the shopping mall...
... but, I digress.

My favourite bits:

  • Sue Sylvester mentioning her autobiography - "I'm A Winner And You're Fat" (rated: 4 tears of laughter)
  • Finn telling Rachel that he loves her and pursing his lips into a tiny air kiss before they went on stage (rated: 1 tear).
  • The way in which Quinn's labour/birth story was incorporated into Vocal Adrenaline's performance song.  REALLY clever (rated: buckets of tears).
  • The fact that New Directions didn't actually win.
  • Seeing Sue's choice on her voting slip (rated: one small gasp).
  • The song that the Glee Club sing collectively to Will back at school after the competition, including the reaction from Sue (rated: three tears).
  • Sue telling Will that if he didn't let go of her hand that she was "going to puke in his mouth"(rated: a real LOL moment).
  • Seeing who adopted Quinn's baby (rated: one large gasp).

Bit's I didn't enjoy:

  • The New Directions set list.  Not impressed at all to be honest (rated: three yawns).
  • The fact that Will and Emma didn't quite make it as a couple (rated: one roll of the eyes).
  • The song that Will sings at the end to the collective Glee club at the end.  Personal reasons only.  The fact that Puck was singing along too sort of made it bearable to watch/listen to (rated: two buckets of tears).

Glee.  Missing you already.  Roll on Season 2.

* * *

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