The Big Brother Countdown

people sitting on a sofa watching people sitting on a sofa
(Marcus Bentley - Big Brother voiceover, 2000-present day)

Picture Credit: Channel 4
It's almost open season on the victims chosen few that have been lucky enough to be catapulted to their 15 minutes months of worth of fame.  For the next thirteen weeks the nation will be divided between those who watch Big Brother and those who don't.  You are being given fair warning that I will be watching and most some of my tweets and blog posts may be BB-related.

After 11 series, various spin-off shows, memorable and forgettable (in equal measures) contestants, tasks, fights, friendships and more, the door of the Big Brother house will close for the final time.  Until then, I will be glued to almost every episode, offering my opinion to anyone who will listen or read and trying to work out who is worthy of the money that the fame generated by this programme provides.

I think that the applicants are wise to what this intense scrutiny will bring them, if they play the game properly.  I still believe that series 1, 2 and 3 were the best - before anyone really got wise to the "fame game" that follows and before the producers tried to get too "clever" with the format.  I think that they also got it very right with the 'Celebrity' versions - leave the contestants to interact.

We all know by now that reality TV isn't really real.  It is carefully produced micro-reality highlights fed to the viewing public, although it is nice to see that the live feed is returning this year so there is less chance of manipulation (if you can afford to watch all day and all night).  I hope the selection and production team has looked back over the last few years and realised where they went completely wrong and where they got it totally right and give the viewing public what they deserve for the time that they invest in watching.

Will you be watching?

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