Blognonymous : The Reason Why

This isn't a normal Blognonymous post.  This is one that I felt I needed to write after Cybermummy '11.

The concept of Blognonymous isn't anything unusual.  It started with a group of bloggers, having a chit-chat on Twitter one night, talking about how we all blog without constraint, in our own name - and how we enjoyed that freedom.  But it was apparent that there was a number of bloggers who wrote in their own name but also felt that they couldn't say exactly what they wanted on many a personal level.  We wanted to change that so we decided to offer our blogs to anyone - blogger or not - who needed to release emotions, without consequence, to a wide readership where advice and support could be sought.   It's blogging anonymously (see what we did there?) but on an established platform.

The emails we receive, requesting our service, are heartbreaking, upsetting and a cry for help in many respects.  We try not to let it affect us on a personal level but it's good that there are six members of this network to cling to across a virtual reality, as I'm not sure any one of us could do this as a solo project.  However, communication by email is sometimes stilted and the personality is taken away, even though we all do chat to each other on a daily basis on Twitter.  We all have our own very full lives with our own trials and tribulations.

When I found out that all six of us were going to be in the same room together at Cybermummy '11 my heart was in my mouth.  As a collective and as a service we have encountered every single emotion and subject matter that you could imagine and we needed to give each other some physical support rather than just a "Hi girls, I've got a new Blognonymous request here.  It's another emotional one" type email.

We finally managed a group hug.
We finally managed to TELL each other what a good job we do.
We agreed that we are going to continue with Blognonymous.
We were all a bit emotional.
You do not want to know how much organising this photo call took.

With many thanks to my fellow Blognonymous team members:
I love you all very much.