Guest : Twelve Reasons Why A Filofax Is Better Than A Significant Other

Welcome to a guest post from Kyla.  We know each other through the Filofax network that has sprung up on Twitter and through Philofaxy - the blog dedicated to all things Filofax and beyond.  I asked Kyla to feed my Filofax obsession whilst I am away on holiday and she has written this post which I resonate with totally, obviously. 

Kyla blogs at "Musings of a Caribbean Princess" and you can find her on Twitter as @CPrincessUK

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I remember that day as if it were yesterday. The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew it was meant to be. I simply couldn’t forget you, your looks, your smell, the way you felt under my touch. And although I was already married, I was unable to resist you. It was love at first sight. As the years have passed by my love for you has grown. And I have come to realize that in so many ways, and without a doubt that you, my love, my filofax are so much better than my husband (or any man for that matter). With you by my side, I can achieve anything. You don’t think so? Here are 12 reasons why………

  1. A filofax will never replace me for a younger, fitter version.
  2. However, at any time, and without notice, I can replace it with whichever model my heart fancies.
  3. My filofax is OK with me having an open relationship. Because as you know, when it comes to filofaxes, one is never enough.
  4. It never asks me ‘Do you really need another handbag?’, ‘How many shoes do you own?’ or teases me in front of my friends.
  5. My filofax is a great listener.
  6. It does not emit noxious or toxic gases of any form.
  7. It ignores the fact that I too, on occasion, may emit noxious gases.
  8. It does not leave the toilet seat up.
  9. I can trust my filofax to remember birthdays, special days and anniversaries of all of my friends and family.
  10. My filofax NEVER EVER tries to discuss physics with me. Who cares about numerical approaches to quantum many body systems? I don’t. And I am sure you don’t either.
  11.  It does not snore. And it does not deny that it snores either. Oh how I would sell my soul for a good night’s sleep…….
And last but not least…….
  1.  My filofax is always ready for action. It can go all day (and all night) without getting tired.  J
So my lovelies, can you think of any other reasons why a filofax is so much better than your partner? And just so you know, no husbands were harmed in the making of this post nor divorce papers filed!